Own Your Health

A journey to rediscover what’s really important

James’ Story

James is a 37-year old economics graduate and former investment banker who changed his life to find wellness, fulfilment and happiness.

A history of bad living, combined with a high-stress job and an overextended lifestyle resulted in emergency bowel surgery and a Crohn’s disease diagnosis in 2006. While this would have jolted most people into making some changes, James, then 26, resolutely continued in the life he thought he was supposed to lead. It wasn’t until 2014, after years of further damage, that he finally took responsibility for his own health and started a new journey. This journey ultimately led to him walking away from the trading floor to pursue a life with more purpose, and to be a better husband and father.

James now lives in Yorkshire, with his wife Katie and two sons, Monty and Gabriel. He is part-way through a degree in Nutrition at the University of Leeds.

When he isn’t studying, writing or spending time with his family, James can usually be found cooking in the kitchen, scouring the countryside for the best locally produced food, or experimenting with new techniques in physical, emotional and spiritual health.


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